Brand photography for your business...

I am Bee Alicia, a creative, open-minded brand photographer and content creator. I’ve been photographing for 20 years, professionally for 10. During that time, I have been involved with local businesses and events. I am passionate about capturing the content and images that have helped the progression and development of these companies and love to work with new clients too. I’m eager to know all about your personal brand or business. I’m able to offer you the creation of visual content, as well as support you to confidently market your brand and attract clients with a stream of images that speak of professionalism, consistency, and a brand worthy of their time and money. Taking the stress out of the marketing will keep you motivated and fearless in your business journey. Let’s get some upbeat planning and content ready for a successful business year and years to come.

Branding includes:

  • Head shots
  • Staff photos
  • Different rooms within your accommodation
  • Action shots of work and business
  • Portfolio for you to show your clients
  • Product photography
  • Any other type of photograph that can be taken to demonstrate you and your brand.

Simply get in touch if you are interested in bringing your business to life with photographs that attract to the right clientele. The main categories I work with are hospitality (Airbnb, hotels, holiday homes & sites, and accommodation) and Pet brands (pet food, products, grooming, walking & care, and of course, Pet photoshoots!)

Please include here any information you would like to know or if you would like to arrange a chat/meet up to go over your requirements and see how branding photography is a game changer for your business/self employment.