Before you share your story..

let me tell you mine..

I'm Bee, of Bee Alicia Photography. This is short and sweet as getting to meet you will be the exciting time. I am a spontaneous creative type. I have been photographing since I was 10 years old, and photographed my first wedding at 16 years old. I continued to do weddings here and there throughout my 20s and finally took the full time plunge at 30.
With other hobbies like exploring, being a cat-mum and being creative with crafts, might look like a dark soul, but absolutely love bright colours.

What do I say about myself?

Down to earth, friendly and chatty, I will keep your guests feeling relaxed by being a new friend to them as well as capturing them celebrating your day. I love to get the children involved where I can on the evening, let them take a few photos and also play fun games with them to catch great photos. As for the adults, it's just made them laugh, feel at ease and then look forward to seeing them at the next wedding I do. I get a lot of weddings where I see people I know each time, and it's always so nice to catch up!

How can I help other than photography?

I am the helpful type - if you suddenly realise some of the flowers that should be with you but are with your partner, I can pick them up and bring back the forgotten perfume when I go to capture them getting ready in the morning.

I am happy to help your guests (or even the couple) to get one from venue to another - yes, this has happened a few times in the past! All the plans and forgetting how they are going from the church to the next venue or mum of bride completely forgetting to book any transport for the day at all!

If you have a corset back dress, no fear if you've forgotten how to get it perfect, I can sort that for you. I've been an event planner in the past and I understand a lot of work goes into your wedding day, the planning and all the fine details. If at any point in the day I see something that could potentially go wrong or be an error, I'll work with the venue to get it corrected before you and your partner get chance to worry about it or even see it. Your day should be as perfect as you planned it wherever possible. Never stress, never worry, things can be corrected, or issues solved quickly and promptly.

I've even been an ambulance in the past - I don't think there is anything I can't do!

I like trying new ideas as I see them and as a photographer this is an ever-expanding idea base with an ever-growing knowledge of clients, venues and their guests. I do have quite a vibrant style but also can do dark & moody, bright & vibrant, pastel & natural or as naturally shot.

It is always a new story to add to my diary and I'd love to be able to include yours.